Marc Schoenholz

During a trip to Alaska in 2002, my childhood passion for nature and photography were re-ignited.  Alaska, a land of pristine beauty, misty fiords, crystal glaciers, and soaring eagles, is Mother Nature at her best!! 

Immediately following the Alaska trip I purchased a new camera, and began photographing nature – landscapes, birds, flowers and natural abstracts.  

I see birds and nature as elements of time . . . unique moments that represent part of the great cycle of life.  Through photography I hope to share some of these unique moments.  I am awestruck when I see in my mind’s eye events that represent this cycle. 

Imagine observing an Osprey circling a lake and looking for a fish to eat.  This graceful large bird of prey swoops down over the lake, hovers and uses its talons to grab the fish.  Moments later a female mallard with brand new ducklings steps off of the shore for the first family swim.  These two events illustrate the cycle of life.

I hope that you enjoy sharing the moments in time captured on this website.

My images have appeared in Nature Calendar’s and Audubon material.  I have presented numerous slide shows to organizations, sharing my passion for nature and birding, and helping create this passion in others.  Most recently my images appeared in the Allen Philharmonic Symphony Live Project -  Allen, TX.

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I’m a photographer based in Randolph, NJ.

WHAT I DO: Specialize in fine art portraiture, flowers, and bird photography, while not forgetting the other subjects that awe and inspire.

WHO I WORK WITH: Support non-profit organizations as well as individual clients.

HOW I DO IT: I see the art in everyday life, capture decisive moments and continuously innovate.

WHY IT WORKS: By creating products that tell a story, combining still and video images, hand painting color in black and white, and providing artisanal prints that reflect high quality and traditional methods, my work is memorable and timeless.

RECOGNITION & REWARDS: 2017 - 34th RIDGEWOOD INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION – Juried wildlife image. 2017 - MORRIS PHOTOCOLOR CLUB (affiliated with NEW JERSEY FEDERATION OF CAMERA CLUBS) • Images awarded in each of the following categories: Creative, Open, Blue (2), Open, Botany (2), Abandoned (2), Sunrises and Sunsets (3), Open (2). Prior to 2015 – New York Botanical Garden’s “Caribbean Garden Photography Contest,” First Place in “Sense of Place,” and runner up in Macro; additional awards prior year for Sense of Place and Macro. Images have appeared in nature calendars and Audubon material; images appeared in Allen Philharmonic Symphony “Live Project,” Allen, Texas. Presented work to nature and photographic groups sharing passion for nature, birding and printing.

NON-PROFIT PROJECTS:  Over the past three years I have been doing non-profit projects as a way to leverage my photographic skill to give back to society. Following a series of completed photographic projects at a non-profit pre-school, I decided I wanted to help unemployed people by taking headshots for their use on resumes and in social media.

READY TO TALK: Contact me on my website "Contact Me."


  • Alex Freund

    on January 5, 2016

    Very impressive Marc. I REALLY like your work. Very unique in its selection, beauty and perspective. Alex

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